Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wrap it up!

DSCN9415 DSCN9412

You can’t get more classic than a Calvin Klein wrap dress!  This one is perfect for an easy throw on and go morning and is particularly comfortable and easy to wear.  Unfortunately, these suede booties are not so much…  Ah well, if I have to sacrifice comfort for fashion – it will always be for my shoes’ sake!


Liz Lauren said...

so cute

Mica T said...

That wrap dress is stunning on you! I haven't braved my wrap dresses post-baby yet.....maybe in another few months, hehe! :)

Away From The Blue

Londyn said...

Aww thank you Mica - I actually found wrap dresses to be more forgiving than you might think – You should try them out too! I know they would look great on you.

Roxy Cole said...

Such an elegant dress, so pretty!x