Thursday, October 23, 2014

An apple a day

There’s just a bit of chill in the air in Cincinnati, so I decided to pull out my navy body-con Diane von Furstenburg dress – comfy stretch cotton and half sleeves to keep me toasty.  It’s the first time I’ve worn it post pregnancy, so had to get used to a more clingy fit.


DSCN9368 DSCN9365

For accessories, in addition to fun hosiery and gold tipped pumps, cranberry and taupe nails were my finishing touch.


Wearing this body-con dress reminds me how completely not fun it is to lose those remaining pregnancy pounds.  What’s funny is that I’m less concerned with my current figure than I am with being able to fit into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.  I refuse to buy a new wardrobe!  So for now I’m saying adieu to BBQ, pizza, pasta and casseroles of all kinds… I’ll miss you and I’ll see you again, I promise!

I had relatively no luck at all in losing anything until I drastically changed my eating, but now am finally starting to see some results.  It’s challenging since I’m still making lots of meat and potatoes dishes at home for the man, but at least now that the scale has started to move it’s a little easier to stay motivated.  Here’s what my daily plan looks like:

Breakfast options: start every morning with hot water and lemon to boost metabolism!

  1. Green smoothie
  2. Hardboiled egg, asparagus, roasted tomatoes & red peppers
  3. Oatmeal with nuts and berries

Lunch options:

  1. Salad with tons of veggies and grilled chicken
  2. Vegetable soup (split pea, lentil, veggie chili, etc…), apple

Dinner options:

  1. Grilled chicken, roasted vegetables
  2. Salad with tons of veggies and grilled chicken, optional side of veggie soup
  3. Veggie burger (sans bun) with baked sweet potato fries

While my Italian grandfather may be rolling over in his grave with these menu options, at least I know it will work to get me back to where I want to be.  Wardrobe here I come! 

Do you have a fitness tip or routine to share?


cassie cadiz said...

still looking good and pretty!

Cassie Thriftier

Roxy Cole said...

That dress looks great on you! Sounds like a good diet you have going on Hun! :) would love it if you could follow me on GFC and bloglovin also leave a comment beaut!

Cherish Kirsten said...

Classy outfit. Love it.


OXANA MUA said...

Such a beautiful elegant dress! Looks amazing on you!

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nice dress on a great body
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Sheila said...

I know you look after yourself well (I remember a previous workout post you did many years ago), and this is a good food regimen to get your weight back to where you want it. I would advise to increase fruits/veggies if you are feeling hungry - you can never eat too many of those! Also, a good snack once a week is air-popped popcorn with olive oil and butter mixed. I add a bit of salt and fresh-ground white pepper and it's divine!

You look gorgeous in any case, Londyn!

Fanny Jimenez said...

Wowww... You look stunning dear!!! And you have a great blog. Let me know if you want we follow each other by GFC, bloglovin', google+, etc. I hope so: I'll be waiting for you!!!

*Keep in touch ;)
ABSOkisses!!! Fanny J. ABSOmarilyn

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Lorena said...

Dress looks insanely good !
and you know I love a good manicure.

Chiconthrift said...

You look stunning. That hot water and lemon works wonders, I add ginger to mine.

Yaudy Cristina said...

cute dress!!

Dominika R. Sch. said...

Wow, really gorgeous !!

Londyn said...

Thanks lovely! Good idea on the popcorn!

Londyn said...

Thank you!! Great idea - love ginger!

Londyn said...

Too sweet :-) Thanks dear!

Londyn said...

Aww thanks! And yes I do! :-)

Ivana Split said...

so elegant!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

you know I love that dress. you made it extra special with those pumps, statement necklace and fun hosiery. loving the nails.

you are such a motivated girl when it comes to your diet and you do look great. I would suggest a cheat day with some carbs for lunch (just some side of pasta for example) and some dessert. especially important if you are breastfeeding.

Londyn said...

Thanks hon! No worries on the need to add extra cheating days or meals – I do that probably more often than I should! :-)