Thursday, September 4, 2014


Obviously, with my new little one in tow, I’m spending the majority of my time at home.  While I’ve always loved some of the more domestic things like cooking and decorating… I’m definitely not a woman who sees her place in the domestic role of stay at home mom, so these couple months off work are certainly a new and interesting experience for me.

My domestic learnings of late:

  1. When needed, a shower in 5 minutes can be achieved. Possibly even 4.5… possibly.
  2. Holding a baby 24/7 is a great arm workout – no additional weights needed!
  3. I’m convinced that women have a gene that ensures we hear every baby squeak, cry, or grunt. Men, on the other hand, will inevitably sleep through a world war with no knowledge of its occurrence.
  4. Don’t ever assume cooking and feeding a baby can be done simultaneously – unless you like burnt food that is.
  5. Netflix is a God-send for sleepless nights. The Office reruns have saved my sanity at least 5 times in the last month.
  6. There’s a “crumb trap” on the bottom of the toaster. Don’t ask me how I never knew this… mine had a lot of crumbs…


DSCN8972 DSCN8971

While I’m definitely not planning on remaining a domestic woman, more than anything I am relishing my time with my little princess.  She’s growing by the day!



mommy and me DSCN8866


Chiamaka Abasilim said...

I didn't know there was a crumb trap at the bottom of a toaster. I am definitely going to check that out and lovely shirt dress. Your daughter is definitely growing.

OXANA MUA said...

Love the outfit! Your baby is sooo cute! xx

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Cammila said...

Look at that adorable little elfin creature! Your beautiful baby looks like a magical creature from another universe!!

Also: this whole post really made me giggle. You've got a great wit, hotstuff! ;)


Melissa said...

I just learned about the crumb catcher the other day! I had bought a new one because the old one was so "dirty", my husband asked me why I had bought a new one and when I told him he asked if I had emptied it, and showed me the catcher.

Melanie C. said...

Lovely post!


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

so cute :)

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Mica T said...

Oh my goodness Londyn she is so tiny and adorable - you have a beautiful daughter!

I giggled at some of your learnings - especially number 3! Hubby will wake up really refreshed and I'll be tired and apologising for all the baby squeaks and grunts all night...90% of the time he says he never heard a thing! haha.

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monika berdnik said...

Love this dress :)
Adorable baby :)

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Hahahaa, had to laugh at your domestic realizations and loved/agreed with every single one of them. My husband doesn't get out of sleep unless fire caught his clothes or smth. I on the other hand can hear anything.

Your peanut is adorable.

Love the casual shirt-dress look, too.