Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bright Sun Shiny Day

It’s already fairly rare that I wear pants instead of skirts or dresses, and since being pregnant (and summer!) – even more rare!  That said, these pants are fairly comfortable and worked well for the office.  The look also felt really summery and light which was great for a bright sunny day.


DSCN8667 DSCN8672

Bump Date: pic taken at 34 weeks


OXANA MUA said...

Lovely outfit!

♥ Oxana
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Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...


Gail J said...

very lovely look!

Ashley Fauguel said...

Most stylish pregnant lady - you look great!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Love the belt!!

SSG xxx

Diva In Me said...

I actually like your top and your heel too. Your heels caught my attention immediately =)

Genesis Aguilar said...

You look so great and glowing so beautifully :)
Loving the pop of pink!

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Lorena said...

Oh I am so loving this cute look with the blazer...