Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Go Bright or Go Home

Ava seems to be hiding this these pictures, but don’t worry, she’s still there!  She’s just less visible depending on what I wear and today I happen to be in flowy.  The Doctor also recently confirmed her size currently is in the 15% range, so she’s living up to her nickname of mommy’s little peanut.  Very healthy, just little.

As for my look today, I’m embracing bright red (which I seem to do a lot…!).  I’ve always loved bold bright colors and still just can’t get enough.  They just make me happy!

DSCN8393 DSCN8391

Some other brights…

DSCN8336 DSCN8205 DSCN8161

Date1 DSCN6828 DSCN6885

DSCN7890 DSCN6879 DSCN7084 

DSCN7159 DSCN7082 DSCN7547

Bump Date: pic taken @ 30 weeks


Manuela Muratore said...

so sweet!!!
love all your looks

Manuela Muratore said...

so sweet!!!
love all your looks

Jaela Lopez said...

All so beautiful and fun, Always so classy and pretty


Diana Ashuayem said...

You look great in red!

Chiamaka Abasilim said...

You look gorgeous in red.


two birds said...

What great looks! I love your shoes in today's outfit!

Fash Boulevard said...

Love these orange and blue ensembles. All of these bright colors look great on you.
I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post! :) http://www.fashboulevard.com/

Yaudy Cristina said...

love all your looks!!! I love bright colors :)

Mica T said...

Aww she will be such a cute tiny little baby when she's born! :)

Hopefully she continues to grow big and strong, even if she is on the smaller side at the moment :)

Away From The Blue

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I love that Blouse. Red is my most favorite color. I have also loved and worn a lot of orange in the last couple of years. Vivian was tiny and healthy inside the belly, too. =) As long as they are within the normal weight and their heartbeat is strong - it's all good.

Louise said...

You look gorgeous in red! and brights in general. You're right ava is definitely hiding - you dont even look pregnant! haha xx