Sunday, May 11, 2014

Peaches & Cream


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I was feeling very preggers in this peached & cream look today.  Not only was this dress pretty tight to highlight the bump, but Ava decided to position herself forward today so I think she was enjoying making her appearance known.  Little diva that she is…!

In addition to Ava’s diva-like appearance this weekend, we also got an appearance (along with the fabulous Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels) on Elegance & Mommyhood’s Mother’s Day Fashion post – it was a super fun collaboration to do, check it out!

Here’s a quick highlight:

1. How far along are you and when are you due? Boy or girl?

26 weeks along and expecting a little girl  :)  So excited!

2. How has your day-to-day style has changed so far now that you are pregnant?

The biggest and most obvious change is that all of my slim or cinch waist outfits are clearly no longer an option - that's pretty much my entire wardrobe...  How I miss my pencil skirts!  Other than that, I've been repeating foundation pieces a lot more and trying to keep things interesting with accessories, blazers, cardigans, and shoes.  For my foundation pieces, I'm still keeping my staple style with lots of dresses, but instead of structured dresses, they're either loose and flowy or tight and stretchy.

3. What items of clothing do you plan on wearing more of, as your pregnancy progresses?

Since I'm just getting into the 3rd trimester now and the remainder of my pregnancy will be in the heat of summer, I'm definitely going to keep working the dresses.  For non-work attire, I love maxi dresses, baby doll dresses, and I'm sure I'll be living in sandals.  Maybe I'll chic it up a bit with a big floppy hat and some rhinestones :)

4. Show us 5 of your Favorite Outfits you have worn while pregnant and write a sentence or two about each.


  1. I adore this dress (one of my few actual maternity dresses) because it simultaneously camouflages and accentuates! The pattern hides imperfections while the fit highlights the new mommy curves.
  2. Is it wrong that I love this dress because it's hard to tell if I'm pregnant in it...? LOL I actually feel semi-normal in this dress and it's nice not to feel like my pregnant body is on display. Plus, I'm crazy about the pattern!
  3. This dress is so much fun! I'm in love with stripes and I also got to show off my Zara heels :) Can't give up my heels just yet...
  4. This dress is one that I've been wearing a lot - it's so versatile! Perfect for work and easy to switch up the look with accessories. It's super comfortable too, so ya can't beat that.
  5. I loved wearing this baby doll dress while not pregnant and was happily surprised to find it still fits me (at this point). The pattern just makes me happy and feels like spring. I like the low cut for a little sexy edge without being over the top.


5. As a first-time expectant Mom what advise do you have for other moms that are also expecting their first babies?

Not to take anyone else's advice!  Okay, that's a bit tongue and cheek, but in all honesty - trusting yourself and quieting the noise of all the books, relatives, co-workers, etc... is really important.  This time can be overwhelming, so having a solid sense of self through it all is important.  In addition to that, having supportive loved ones around to cherish and care for you during this time can make such a difference.  I had someone tell me "You look beautiful pregnant." for the first time this week, and I had to suppress tears because just a few kinds words can sometimes mean so much.


Oksana T said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!

♥ Oxana
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Mica T said...

Aww look at that bump! You are glowing :) Hope you enjoyed your mother's day mummy-to-be! :) This time next year you'll be celebrating it with little Ava in your arms :)

Away From Blue

Sam said...

You have the most stunning and sophisticated maternity style, love the colour of this pretty dress. Thanks for your great comment, May you have a productive week ahead!

DeVs said...

nice , love the 2and 3 !

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Ava will be one Gorgeous Diva like Mamma. Hope her Mamma spent a relaxing, beautiful Mother's Day Weekend!! And this Peaches+Cream Outfit may be my favorite one yet of your pregnancy style. I think the rounder belly is probably why.

Thank you so much for appearing on my blog (yet again). I have utmost respect for you as one of the first 5 bloggers I ever started reading and following, back 5 years ago now. You are beautiful inside out and I had the pleasure of featuring your beautiful self over the blog. =)

<3 to you and soon-to-come Ava from Vivian & I. <3

Alissa said...

You look gorgeous here darling!

Debra Lynn Mejia said...

You look great! I love that dress.

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

You are glowing! Beautiful!

Mimi said...

I dont blame you for wanting to wear dresses all summer, so much more comfortable. I think its cute that she made her presence more obvious so close to mothers day:)

Congratulations to you by the way!

Aesthetic Lounge

Confessions Of A City Girl said...

You look super cute in all your outfits! I definitely agree with you about others' advice. Different strokes for diff folks!

Confessions Of A City Girl

t said...

Nice dress! The colour looks great on you!

xo T.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Love how you flaunt that bump! Super cute dress!

aschaaa said...