Sunday, April 6, 2014

Simply Done

My fashion motto while experiencing this pregnancy is to just keep things simple.  I’m not going to worry about rocking the latest trends, etc… I’m just working on feeling good and wearing things that make me feel beautiful (which can be hard with a growing mid-section!).  My heels always make me feel good, so I’ll be wearing them as long as I can, and this shade of emerald green is one of my favorites and flattering on so many skin tones – I highly recommend!

DSCN7833 DSCN7830


Get the look:

Malene Birger Peacock Green Tie Neck Top Profile Photo  image

image image


Kaolee said...

That is exactly how I feel as well! Just trying to survive these nine months.

Euge Etche said...

Great look! I'm obsessed with your heels!

Oksana T said...

Lovely shirt!

♥ Oxana
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Ramona said...

I think that's the way to go. Even if this look is simple yet you look chic. Blouse is so pretty and those heels are fab.

xoxo Ra

Diva In Me said...

It's good to keep it simply during pregnancy. You're still keeping up to trend with such a gorgeous color for your top! =)

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Beautiful blouse - you look great as always. I am in love with both pairs of those Leopard Pumps you linked to, in this post. WOW!!