Sunday, April 27, 2014

Embrace it

DSCN8048 DSCN8051

DSCN8050 DSCN8047


As the baby bump is growing, the majority of my closet isn’t currently fitting me, so I’m making sure to continuously embrace my shoes!  These Zara lace ups are some of my favorites.


Jess Galfo said...

aww you are the cutest! congrats to you <3. Can't wait to see more pregnancy style posts :)


Lorena said...

In your case its the shoes, in Mica's case its the bags. I think that you have both confirmed that accessories, shoes and bags are the best investment as they can be worn before, during and after the baby.

Kstylick said...

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Mica T said...

Lorena has a very good point! It is why I invest in accessories - they will always fit no matter what life throws at us! :)

And you have such a wonderful shoe collection - I'm glad you can rotate around and put a fresh spin on the few pieces you have to wear for the remainder of your pregnancy. Your bump is so cute! :)

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Oksana T said...

You're gorgeous!

♥ Oxana
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Morag Julie said...

Congratulations on the baby!! You look great :) xx

Beth Dowdell said...

You look fabulous, such a neat little bump! You really do look gorgeous - continue to embrace! Your doing it well

Beth x

sophia La Style said...

Lovely dress.

lucia m said...

loving your shoes dear!



Jaela Lopez said...

Those shoes are the bomb....I love it. You rock this very lovely

Marianne Friedman said...

You look beautiful and those shoes are amazing! Great outfit!