Sunday, April 13, 2014



My current summer loves are a combination of bold colors, maxi dresses, mini skirts, and embellishment.  Being >5 months pregnant, mini skirts are pretty much out of the picture for me, but I do have a few that are stretchy and still currently workable.  This mini has beautiful embellishment, so it combines 2 of the 4 summer loves!  Hopefully I can get a couple more wears out of it.

 DSCN7900 DSCN7890

DSCN7892  DSCN7896

Get the look…

image image

image imageimage


Euge Etche said...

I love that skirt, it's beautiful! Great look :)

Mica T said...

that is a gorgeous patterned skirt! :) It's great you're getting the most wear our of your wardrobe that you can during pregnancy. I did that too, cheaper than rushing out to buy maternity clothes, and they should hopefully all still fit post baby! haha :)

Away From Blue

Vanessa Basanta said...

i love your skirt and your look is amzing!
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Anonymous said...

Wow! You look amazing.

Jaela Lopez said...

Just too pretty. I love the skirt. Adorable