Thursday, April 24, 2014

6 months

the brands… dress: Ann Taylor. blazer: Apt 9. shoes: Nine West.

DSCN7974 DSCN7980

Officially 6 months pregnant this week…! 

The Good: Working on Ava’s nursery and imagining her playing there.  Feeling her move and looking at the pictures where I can see her little toes and see her sucking her thumb.  Seeing my husband smile as he sees my belly growing.

The Bad: Becoming clumsy!  At home, I regularly bump into just about everything.  At work, I tripped and fell in the parking lot and banged my head into a window (lol… seriously?  who does that?).

The Ugly: Losing my waist.  It’s a weird and overwhelming feeling to have my body taken over by this process.  I’ve been called “thick”, “heavy”, told I look like I’m not pregnant but that I just have a “big belly”… etc.  None of it is meant intentionally to hurt feelings, but of course it does!  This process has certainly made me more aware and sensitive to what others are going through and next time I see a pregnant woman, I’m simply going to tell her is that she is beautiful!


Mica T said...

You are looking beautiful at 6 months! How time flies!

It is insane how people seem to have no filter around pregnant women! A colleague came back from a few weeks off and started making comments within my earshot but not to me about how huge I looked. I went and had a bit of a cry! I don't mind when people walk up to me and ask how I am and cheerfully tell me I look larger than normal and that I'm growing baby well, as they mean it nicely at least, but it's mean to say things behind people's backs.

We are supposed to expand during pregnancy! Definitely good advice to stick to telling pregnant ladies they are beautiful - I realise now I should have complimented the pretty pregnant ladies I knew more, they would have appreciated it!

And the belly touching.....oh! haha. Pregnancy is an interesting time for sure. haha!

Away From Blue

Rach Dulay said...

OMG you're 6 months pregnant?! No idea! You look fantastic!

Always Maylee said...

People say the weirdest things to pregnant women, it's so bizarre and so not ok! You look great, love the dress on you. Yay for 6 months, you're almost there!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

KDot said...

Oh I don't miss the size comments. But I suppose they don't truly go away because you get them after birth too!
I think you look great!

Jaela Lopez said...

Cute look sweety. growing by the minute.Love it

Jennifer Romero said...

You look absolutely beautiful and your bump is adorable!

Londyn said...

You all are so sweet - thanks for your comments and for sharing your experiences too!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I have left you a very long comment on an earlier post in regards to this issue. Let the insensitive people slip your mind though I know it is hard to do. You are glowing. I love all THE GOOD you posted on this post, especially about baby Ava kicking and sucking her thumb and about your husband smiling at you. She will be one gorgeous little girl. =)