Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hello lovelies.  I’m sorry to say that yesterday was a horribly miserable sad day for me.  One of those, should have stayed in bed days.  Not to mention, pregnancy hormones not helping.  Then, while heading home from work, I heard Pharrell William’s song “Happy” and it reminded me that I’m a strong determined woman who knows herself and shouldn’t allow anyone else to have the power to bring me down.  So, for all my lovlies out there, I’m sending you happy thoughts and reminding us all in the midst of frustration to stay… happy!

DSCN7412 DSCN7415 DSCN7414

Orange dress evening look with leopard clutch and strappy heels.


Orange dress work wear with cardigan, hosiery and pumps.

DSCN7422 DSCN7421 DSCN7419


KDot said...

I must be behind in my blog reading because I didn't realize you are pregnant! Congratulations!!!!!

Sam said...

You look so radiant and this is the perfect pregnancy dress, it looks so elegant said...

I love that song. I've heard it non-stop on the radio. You look great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Isa Machado said...

You look fantastic dear! ;)

Tic-Tac Living

simplychic said...

it's hard to be unhappy in that beautiful bright dress ;)

Mica T said...

You look beautiful, even if it was a terrible day! They seem to happen more in pregnancy - definitely the hormones! :)

Away From Blue