Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fashion Challenge!

Today I’m excited to collaborate with Kendra Thornton, travel expert featured on news channels and television shows such as Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus. This collaboration combines travel and fashion – can’t get better than that!  Kendra’s challenge is to come up with functional and fashionable day and evening ensembles for her upcoming trip to Epcot, Disney's Theme Park in Florida. 


Kendra’s message:

I’d like to share a special challenge with you! My family and I will soon be spending a few weeks in Orlando on vacation. I’ve had fun planning activities for our trip, and I know we will enjoy a visit to Disney’s Epcot. There will be a lot to see here, and I’m sure we’ll take lots of photos to help us remember our time together! I want to look my best, and I always feel better when I look good. I need help choosing a look for the occasion! I am reaching out to my favorite fashion bloggers to help me with this challenge. I personally reached out to Londyn for inspiration for this trip! I booked my trip through gogobot. Gogobot is a travel site that gives you reviews from people who have recently visited that area. I found out about so many great attractions! I’m looking forward too The Circle of Life specifically. My kids love Disney’s The Lion King, and I love the values that the movie teaches them. I’m super excited about taking them to Circle of Life at Epcot where we’ll see Simba in action with his friends Timon and Pumbaa. Then his two friends start cutting down trees to build Hakuna Matata Lakeside Village, Simba helps to remind them that we all have a responsibility to take care of our planet. The panoramic show includes animated film as well as live action, and I know my kids will not only enjoy the show but also take away some important lessons. Epcot is one of the world’s best places to take a family vacation. Many of the attractions have special amenities to help families traveling with young children. Whatever I’m doing on vacation, I know I’ll have a better time when I’m dressed to the nines. I look forward to seeing your fashion recommendations!


Okay folks, so here are my fashion ideas for Kendra: Keep things casual, comfortable, with fun pops of color and print for day time.  Don’t forget accessories like sunglasses and a trendy fedora to keep the sun at bay, as well as a sporty watch and scarf to layer if the breeze hits.  As for evening, I left fussy accessories out and built in enough interest with the tops to keep things stylin’.  Grab a great clutch, a pair of heels, and accent your smiling face with a pretty side braid – you’re good to go!


Where to get the looks…

Day: fedora, coral scarf, sunglasses, casual sporty watch, casual stripe dress, jean jacket, white casual tank, color jeans, casual sandal

Evening: fancy watch, black pants, stripe skirt, dressy yellow top, night heels, red clutch, blue lace top


Cammila said...

I totally adore your ideas! The colors are so perfect, the lines are so clean. And holy cow, the hair suggestion for Night? Freaking beautiful.


Cammila said...

Oh and also, I'm hosting a giveaway! Wanna enter? Please? :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Love the looks so much. -Jolie

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

Such great picks! I love the striped skirt so hard!

Lorena said...

Nice picks ! I could work these too, but without the heels-