Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Diane, my love

 DSCN7333 DSCN7330

This week I purchased my very first Diane von Furstenberg dress and I love it!! It fits like a glove, it so comfortable and flattering too!  Surprisingly, I found this dress at TJ Maxx in their designer section.  While it wasn’t necessarily in the normal TJ Maxx cost range, it was much more affordable than other retailers.

Next on my list – new hair color.  I’ve been debating what to do on color for a while, but I think I’m going to go with my current Jennifer inspirations.  In the past, I’ve gone very dark, very red and everything in between, but I’ve never really gone light.  I don’t want to go blond by any means, but a richer light caramel shade of brown with highlights may be the winner.  What do you think?

jlaw jennifer-lopez-idol-1

 Jennifer-Lopez jlh

Other DVF dresses I love:

image image image


Pilar Bernal Maya said...

lovely dresses. I like them too.
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Sanja said...

Great look!
Beautiful photos :)

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Anonymous said...

You look amazing! I'm lucky to have you as my wife.

Kela Taconea said...

Lovely! I like the touch of the necklace :)
Today new post, Another way of wearing the maxi scarf from Zara
Kisses from Spain, Kela

Shauna Sharp said...

Love this look on you :) and caramel would lovely on you :)

Sheila said...

I like the JLo highlighting in the top left pic - I think that would really suit you, and be a versatile look as well.

Lovely dress!

Courtnee said...

You look amazing! Love the DVF dress. TJ Maxx designer section is awesome.

Courtnee said...

You look amazing! I love the DVF dress.

Mica T said...

Really like the red statement necklace with the LBD! :) Looks like it will be comfortable and practical with a bump too! :)

Makes me think I should dig my DVF wrap dresses out of the wardrobe - they are a thicker material so I tend to keep them to winter wear. Maybe soon the temperature will drop :)

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simplychic said...

love it! a lbd is shamefully the one thing i am missing in my closet.

Terry S said...

I’ve chosen this to be one of my “What I Love” looks for this week. I hope you'll keep an eye out on my blog today.


Londyn said...

Thanks! I'll definitely check it out!

chiara said...

Lovely as usual!
Please, don't get me wrong, take it as a friendly advice from a chemistry worker, but please, do some research before dyeing your hair during pregnancy! I wanted to cover my whites (very few, actually) and researched the ingredients in the ammonia-free hair colors. Well, they contain triethanolamine, and if you read triethanolaime MSDS it says there are no data on possible dangers on the fetus. So to be safe I decided to go with henna.
Now, if you do highlights,it should be a bit better: the color doesn't come into contact with your scalp.
Keep in mind the basic principle: the smaller a molecule, the more apt to be passed through the placenta (examples of small molecules: methanol, ethanol, ammonia, oxygen peroxide). Methanol and ammonia can be absorbed even if you smell them: as soon as I announced my pregnancy at work, they moved me from the lab to an office!

Londyn said...

Thanks chiara - no worries on sharing - as I'm sure you know, being pregnant means I've received more advise on everything than I could ever want or need! I'm also someone that does my own research too :-) I went with highlights by a very experienced mommy hairstylist. Pics to come...

Lorena said...

Great dress !
and in case you choose henna, i swear by it.