Sunday, March 23, 2014

Busy Made Better


A busy day for me today, so only time for one photo!  A bit of pattern mixing in today’s look with the small circle print of the silk tank and bold stripes of the cardigan.  I kept jewelry minimal but bold with one statement necklace.  Whenever I wear this necklace I feel sort of like a belly dancer since it reminds me of the scarves they wear on their hips and their ankle bracelets.  Randomly enough, I found this necklace at a Renaissance fair!

When I have busy days like today, I’m always glad I plan my meals in advance.  A little something to make a crazy day slightly less hectic is always a good thing!  I actually buy my groceries in semi-bulk, enough for 2 weeks worth of meals.  Of course, to know what to purchase for the 2 weeks, I have to plan out a fairly extensive menu.

I usually do this menu planning, as well as a good portion of my weekly meal preparation on Sundays, but before I start those activities I always try to make something special, just for me.  Today it was a fabulous coffee cake.  The “work” of menu planning just got much more enjoyable!



Mica T said...

Oh you are so organised! I'm terrible at meal planning, really need to get much better at it. Especially in pregnancy, you want to make sure you're eating all the right things and being as balanced as possible. It's tiring! haha.

Love the print mixing with the top and cardi! :)

Away From Blue

Euge Etche said...

Great look, I love it!

Lorena said...

I adore this look !
The pattern mix and the hair bun look so fresh.