Friday, February 14, 2014

Be Mine

On Valentine’s day it’s common to think of romantic love, but I find myself blessed to also find love of friends and family to remember and be thankful for on this day. Speaking of friends, one of the fun things about blogging is finding others to connect and collaborate with – which is what we did for you today!

I’m happy to share my Valentine’s day looks with you along side Lorena from Lorena’s Everyday Wear and Ada from Elegance & Mommyhood.

Be mine. Date Night Look:

Valentine Collage Date

Work it! Professional Look:

Valentine Collage Work

Keeping it casual. Day Time Look:

Valentine Daytime Collage

Date1 Date2

Work1 Work2

Casual2 Casual3

For my Valentine’s looks – I went for deeper sultry red and pink with date night; bright red and pattern for work; and soft lace, pink, and pops of color in accessories for day time.


Diana Ashuayem said...

I love that red dress! Happy val's day.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Thank you so much for working with me and Lorena on this Collaboration post. It was great. =) I loved every single look and expressed that on my blog today, also. So when you have a chance, stop by and read that long post LOL.

Happy V-Day to you & your hubby, Beautiful Londyn!!

Lorena said...

I absolutely loved your dress !!! it fits you like a glove.
and i think lace was the best choice, Hugs.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

You ladies all look chic and sweet! Happy V-day!

Mica T said...

Great collaboration post! I really enjoy Lorena's blog too :)

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! :)

Away From Blue

Any Tasya said...

Wow woow woooowwww.. :D

Kerri said...

wowowowow!!! and if you don't mind me saying, the last outfit makes you look busty!

Londyn said...

I don't know if I've ever been called busty in my life, so I'll take it!! :)

Rudy53420 said...
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