Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A little humor goes a long way

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DSCN7250 DSCN7246

I’m working on letting go of my tight pencil skirts for the coming pregnancy months, and utilizing my dresses to the fullest.  A lot of my dresses are belted, or if not- I typically belt them, so until my new baby bump waistline appears and I can belt under the bust, I’m just wearing my dresses sans belt.  It works!

I think you just have to have a good sense of humor as the baby belly is growing, but before a defined bump exists.  Actually, you have to have a lot of good humor in general to carry a baby – I’ve already heard more horror stories and had more strangers ask me significantly personal questions than I’d care to admit.  At least good humor isn’t something I have to work at – I find it hilarious that I often surprise people with my slightly wicked and highly sarcastic sense of humor when, in all other respects I likely wouldn’t be seen in that light.  Gotta keep ‘em on their toes!

image image image Christian Louboutin Duvette Metallic and Patent-Leather Pumps in black and gold


Mica T said...

That printed dress is so nice with the pink blazer! :)

I've slowly started to work belts back into my wardrobe but they have to have had a few extra notches I could go up, haha! Some are just too small at the moment. Dresses are a great option, and you have such a wonderful collection of dresses!

Kela Taconea said...

Nice look! I´ve got one similar heels :)
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Pilar Bernal Maya said...

I love your nice dress. I can't see you in mi GFC. Can you chech it? I want to follow you back

Sam said...

Its great that you can utilize your current wardrobe to work with your pregnancy, it will surely help a lot, this monochrome printed dress looks terrific with pink. Thanks for lending me your thoughts on my last post dear.

Md Amirul Islam said...

This outfit is awesome dear!!
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Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Nice dress and blazer!

Jointy&Croissanty said...

I like the combination of printed dress and pink blazer! You look so classy and lovely!


Boheme.Fille said...

Lovely! Great blazer!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Girl if you are rocking those heels while pregnant you are most certainly my new hero!

Elle Sees said...

i never ask anyone about their pregnancy unless they bring it up. i hate being nosey like that. i can't even imagine the questions y'all get!

Anonymous said...

Great look - really lovely!

Lorena said...

This looks so nice! that blazer adds the perfect touch of color.

chiara said...

Love this outfit.
One thing I have learned during this pregnancy: getting out of the door in the morning, I cannot always look like I wish. But that's ok - as you said, better to laugh it off!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I agree, a little humor goes a long way, especially while pregnant. You have a ton of dresses - I am certain you will utilize them to the max and look your best. I belted many of mine while pregnant, under the bust of course. Love this animal-printed one & the lace blazer, of course. =)