Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dog for a day…

DSCN6984 DSCN6989

Inevitably, every morning we go through the same routine…  get up, let my baby (yes, the one sticking her nose in the picture) outside, feed her, get ready for work, and then… as soon as my heels make their first “click” on the hardwood floors… this little one is whining up a storm in anticipation of doggy daycare (yep, I am that dog person…).  She reluctantly has to wait while mommy takes her morning blog pictures, then finally gets her own little jacket on and we are on our way out the door.  Goodness!  What a rough life to lead.  I think I may just change places with her for a day.  Spoiled rotten and loving it.


the brands… ruffle top: Tahari (similar). sweater: Apt 9 (similar). Pants: Limited (similar).


Mica T said...

Love the ruffle polka dot top! I have a similar one in navy with pink and red dots on it...should give it another wear! :)

Your pup is so cute too, and very lucky that she gets to go to doggy daycare! :)

Away From Blue

Emma Walker said...

awww such a cute dog! You look great

With A City Dream

Sam said...

Aww she's so cute, adore the lemon cardigan. Thanks for your kind words...Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend!

Jenny Plog said...

I love the outfit!!!! Gorgeous!

Little fashionista said...

Always pretty! Love the top :)

Have a great day (L)

Vanessa said...

Love the colors!!!

Mirali Shukla said...

very cute pictures ! You have a really nice blog :))! If you'd be interested, we could follow each other and stay in contact! :)

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Hahahaa. She does live a hard life, poor little baby. I like the simple but fun girly top and own some like those myself. I want a Lemon Color Cardi badly.

Looking forward to receiving your E-Mail too. =)