Monday, December 30, 2013

My favorite things…


DSCN6772 DSCN6769

In my younger years, I never cared for the color orange, but these last few years it’s become one of my staple colors.  I love a deep tangerine orange, almost red, as my favorite shade (as you can see by my living room surroundings too…!). This pretty little orange top was a steal from the Banana Republic Outlet (see more BR options by clicking pics below).  The leather leggings I’ve had too long with me to know where they came from, and my other current love – my Aldo booties completed the look.

It ended up being a great weekend to rock some orange as the Cincinnati Bengals made our city proud!  Gotta love a day of good football and good food! 

DSCN6768 DSCN6760 DSCN6757



Shannon Kerns said...

Love, love, love this color. We have similar skin tone and hair color and the deep oranges and I find olives work great!

Happy New Year L!

Sabrina T said...

Love ur outfit =) I follow u dear xx

Little fashionista said...

You looks great :)
Happy new year pretty!

Mica T said...

That orange top is a lovely colour on you! :)

Hope you have a happy new year :)

Away From The Blue

Jenny Plog said...

That top is gorgeous and the color is so beautiful!!!
Happy New Year!!

Lenya said...

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, full of Happiness, Love and Joy.

Kriti Jaitly said...

Hi dear...happy new year... u have a lovely blog....we can follow each other....follow my blog on gfc and i will follow u let me know
keep in touch

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

That deep orange, almost red is a favorite shade of mine too. Love the blouse & sexy stiletto booties.