Friday, November 29, 2013


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I’ve always have a love for feminine details, and today I’m happy not only to be wearing an outfit with some fun, soft touches, but also to be rockin this fabulous new iPhone case with the same.  Seriously, how cute is this?  Why shouldn’t our phones work as an accessory too?


The phone brand is Iconemesis - a growing brand that works with artists to produce unique and fashionable iPhone cases, and are also starting to expand their range by stocking luxury handbags and other accessories.

See more on their website:

Some of my other faves:

The-Rainy-Clouds-5 The-lIttle-clown-5 Leopard


littlemissandrea said...

I love the Iconemesis phone cases! They've got some great designs :)

Mica T said...

I like the printed top paired with jeans! :)

Such a cute phone case too, Iconemesis have some lovely ones! :)

Away From The Blue

Ali Hval said...

Aw, what a cute phone case! Right now my phone case is an old gameboy, hhaha. I adore those heels and jeans together. So cute!

Adam said...

looks good

Jenny Plog said...

Beautiful outfit!!!

Bisma Rauf said...

Looking great..n I love the case :)

New Post Up:

Sam said...

The phone cases are so cute! Your pretend shirt is very eye catching and elegant.