Sunday, October 6, 2013

Faux Peplum

DSCN5880 DSCN5879 DSCN5878

I adore peplum blouses, but have never found one that fit me right, so I figure – I can just create my own with a belt!  How easy is that?


Yep, I think I’m officially that crazy dog lady… You see my baby’s nails?  They’re painted just like mommy’s!  She’s a girly girl.  LOL



KC said...

I love the details of your "faux-plum" blouse! I've done that before, but I usually have trouble with my belt slipping down. :/
The last picture is priceless!

Kat said...

such a beautiful blouse! love this love! so chic :)

Mica T said...

Belting a top to make a peplum is a great way to ensure it sits perfectly and flatteringly :)

Love how you painted your dog's nails too - too cute! :)

Unknown said...

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Rudy53420 said...
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