Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 2



Day 2 of a business classic look. Today I went with a black and white combo instead of khaki and white. LOL. Still keeping things fairly conservative with an add of fun extras like this studded top and chain-link suede heels. Back to color tomorrow, I promise!

At least today (unlike yesterday’s neutral cupcakes), I can say that I brought a bit of color to my food!  Is it wrong that I tried to compensate my grilled chicken (yes, skin on… is there any other way to grill chicken?) and fatty chili dog with leaks, roasted carrots and corn??  That’s 3 veggies to 2 meats, so I’m still healthy… right?



Mica T said...

Such a nice classic black and white outfit, the studded cardi is a nice touch :)

Away From The Blue

Sarah R said...

Actually, corn is a grain. But eat up! You look great. (and I only know corn is a grain because my son did a report on the state of Michigan and they don't have a state veggie, only a state grain...isn't that odd?)

Londyn said...

Damn! Then my theory of healthy outweighing the unhealthy really doesn't work! LOL I tried :-)