Saturday, July 27, 2013

Colorful & Sweet

Hello, it’s me again – colorful little summer dress!


the brands… dress: Tyche. shoes: Unlisted.

DSCN5142 DSCN5137

Apologies for the recent repeat of this dress, but it ended up being perfect 2 weekends in a row!  I switched up the accessories to give it a slightly different look and feel than last week.


With everything that’s been on my mind of late, I’ve had to find something positive to occupy myself with – so I’ve been doing a ton of cooking.  This weekend I’ve been experimenting with brioche.  Brioche is a sweet soft-textured buttery bread that is excellent in sweet dishes like bread pudding, but also in savory/sweet things like sandwiches too.  This morning I made French toast with it – SO good.  Sorry, no pics of the final product… it looked too good to wait on pictures!  Have you tried brioche?


Mica said...

Such a lovely dress, makes sense you would repeat it :) Haven't had that bread before but it sounds lovely :)

Lorena said...

I am in nee of something chevron... nice dress!