Sunday, June 2, 2013

Comfy Cotton

DSCN4420 DSCN4417

Back from Michigan and with only 2 hours of sleep from last night, I am feeling more than slightly sluggish…! Even so, I decided to still get dressed for the day – good news, cotton dresses are perfect for napping in!

DSCN4426 DSCN4423

This is day 3 of wedges – slightly unusual for me as I LOVE my spikey heels – but every now and then a wedge is called for and I guess this week it was called for three times!


Mica said...

Such a cute dress! You look beautiful and so stylish for only having 2 hours sleep! I'd be much crankier, haha!

Always Maylee said...

Nothing beats a great striped dress. Love the wedges too. You look so cute!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Amy Fashion Blog said...

love how you add the pop of red in the outfit

Cammila said...

The crisp stripes no doubt perked you right up! Very cute. :)

Lala H said...

im so loving the red wedges! you look fabulous!

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Candida Maceo said...

Gorgeous outfit! And those wedges are freakin great!

Stumbled across your blog from a comment on another blog. Glad I did. Love your style.

Merch Maven