Monday, May 13, 2013

War of the Shoes

It’s war of the shoes today!  the brands… heels: BCBG vs. loafers: Tommy Hilfiger.

I knew I’d be running back and forth from building to building at work today, so I decided to bring along a pair of loafers as substitute for my heels during those walking portions of my day.  Good thing I have a shoe for every occasion!

DSCN4291  DSCN4294

DSCN4281 DSCN4286 



Kaolee said...

Love them!

Lala H said...

I love that you got both loafers! all 3 are cute goes well with the outfit!

Delightful Ideas

Mica said...

Love that you could swap out the leopard print heels for the leopard print flats! I always go for flats on days where I have to do a lot of walking :)

Jessica said...

nice look!!

The Fashion Heels

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Both pairs are so cute and look great with the all-black outfit. I do the same at work as well, I switch between shoes whenever needed :)

Rebekah Bradford said...

Funny 'cause I have almost the same shoes. I always opt for the flats though just 'cause, as much as I love shoes, I always go for comfort.

Rudy53420 said...
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