Monday, May 6, 2013


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Target skirt week continues with skirt #3! I’ve been looking for a peplum blouse for a while and just haven’t found one that fits right, so this skirt was the perfect alternative!  It’s so ladylike and also really comfortable.  I feel like I could run a marathon in it!


Speaking of which, I just signed up for a 5K run.  While a 5K is nothing to an actual runner, to me it’s worth a moment of panic!  I do work to keep in shape and often jog or elliptical as a portion of my workout… but I am by no means a runner and have only done a 5K once before. 

If I wasn’t so damn competitive it wouldn’t be that big a deal, but since this is a work event and will be team against team – of course my team must win and I must finish in the top times…!  LOL  I only have a little over a month to be ready.  God help me..


Elegance and Mommyhood said...

You look Gorgeous. One of your best Skirts & Best Looks. These Target Skirts are one prettier than the other. I might do a Skirts' Week next week. I have a few Skirts' Outfits from lately to show in my blog. ;-)

Good Luck to you on your 5K. I am not a runner at all. I would probably quit after half a mile LOL.

Jessica said...

Love this look!

The Fashion Heels

Melanie said...

Love that purse! What brand is it?

Moi said...

Haha That's great Londyn.
I am so competitive as well.

The two times I ran a 5k where a city-wide company run. I managed to get really motivated for the second and wanted to beat my own time which I did !

As I finished 2nd fastest woman from my company and 70th of all women I decided to stop at the height of my fame and not compete this year :-)
Also I didn't think I would still be working at this company and stopped running the day after the 5k...

Now, almost a year later it is almost impossible to start again.


Londyn said...

Thanks! It's Ivanka Trump

Londyn said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I'll like stop the day after too :) lol