Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Going bright and colorful on this very beautiful sunny day in Cincinnati.  This neckline isn’t necessarily the most flattering on me, but an easy fix is to wear a longer chunky necklace as this breaks up the high neckline and brings the visual interest a bit lower.  Cinch the dress with a belt, throw some ballet flats in the bag for back and forth to the gym, and I’m calling it a day!

DSCN4387 DSCN4384

Libby decided she’d make a cameo appearance as well!  A girl after my own heart!



Summer Dresses For Juniors said...

Very stylish, very sexy.
I love this body dress.

Mica said...

Such a cute dress, and Libby is adorable :)

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Pretty Libby following her Mamma's Stylish steps. And I love the dress. It is seriously gorgeous.

Lorena said...

I find this dress PERFECT!
funny you mention that the neckline is not flattering - i think it rocks.