Monday, March 25, 2013

Night Out


After a couple tough weeks, it was lovely to have a girl’s night out with my bestie and just let the troubles drift away.  It was apparent by my closet that I rarely visit the late night bar scene – I couldn’t find anything to wear!!  My typical pencil skirts and girly dresses just didn’t fit the bill, so I tried on about 6 different outfits until I finally put this look together and felt half way decent.  Goodness!




libys11 said...

first off, fab heels!! and secondly, i love how you belted that top!! it flatters you so well!!

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Mica said...

Love those heels! Great outfit for a night out, hope it helped you forget your troubles :)

Elegance Personified said...

This is one of your best outfits. I love it. Perfect for a Girl's Night Out. Great Ruffled Tunic but I especially adore the Spiked/Studded Pumps & Envelope Clutch. Look for this outfit on my Week's Best Look this coming Sunday.

Have a Great Week, Londyn.