Monday, March 11, 2013

Looking Dark, Feeling Light


I’m going with a little black on black with this look.  While my look may be dark, I’m actually feeling quite bright!  My vegan plant based detox is over and it was well worth it.  I have more energy, my headaches have significantly diminished and I’m down 9lbs!  Not bad for a 3 week challenge.  While I don’t plan to keep this entire diet forever, I’m hoping to change a lot of my food choices moving forward.


Jeannie said...

9 lbs...amazing! Not that I thought you needed it, your curves are lovely...I don't mean that in a weird way...! :)
I have really been needing to banish a few extra winter lbs too... isn't it annoying how they creep up in the cold months?
You look GREAT!

Londyn said...

Ah thanks Jeannie!! :)

Yes, it is annoying! I typically say what bothers me the most isn't how I look but that I can no longer fit into my clothes - Houston we have a problem!! LOL

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

this black outfit is awesome...especially that jacket! =)

Mica said...

Love the studded belt and zips on your jacket, such a nice way to add interest to your look :)

his little lady said...

Absolutely love this look! You are adorable girl!!
xo TJ

LaLaLove said...

Love your jacket!!!