Sunday, March 3, 2013



Continuing the mix and match theme from yesterday.  In another work look this week, I went for blue on blue with this pinstripe ruffle button up and bright blue skirt.

DSCN2928 - Copy DSCN3448

The look was just slightly preppy / conservative for me I will admit.  While I may have preferred an even bolder look, the cut was still nicely fitted and the color bright and vivacious so it worked overall. 

It’s funny how clothes can mimic life in that way … I sometimes feel like I have to shield my fiery exterior and wear a slightly more toned down version when I’d really prefer to blaze.  Possibly it’s good sense or possibly it’s fear.  Maybe a little of both.  Do you let your fire burn or do you stifle the flame?


Breakfast at Cindi's said...

Adoring the first outfit !


Breakfast at Cindi’s

Kasmira said...

Love the blue on blue! Ready to copy!

Anonymous said...

I love love love the button down shirt worn this collar and tucked in.. perfect!