Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Strip and a Kick


I found this lovely blouse at New York & Company.  It was the last one in my size and yes, I did have to strip a mannequin naked in broad daylight… but it was worth it to get my top!  The pattern reminds me of vintage rod iron and the color is just rich and luxurious.  Knee high leather boots add a little “kick” to an otherwise sweet look.


Lorena said...

oh so totally worth the strip!
beautiful shirt.

Mica said...

Love the detail on the top, great purchase, and congrats on scoring the last one! :)

Elegance Personified said...

What a gorgeous new blouse. I would have stripped the mannequin for it, too. Great boots, too.

Did you check out the blog I linked at one of your posts? I hope so.

How was your NY Eve, what did you do?

Stop by when you can, Ada. =)

Nerdy Asian said...

I love the print of your top! Your knee high leather boots look great!