Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goodbye my loves


So the new year is well on its way and I am saying goodbye for a while to some of my favorite sweets and pastries.  Below are some that I will be missing…

Brioche bread pudding with fruit and toasted pecans.  Drizzle a little sweetened condensed milk over the top – heaven!



Apple strudel and homemade whipped cream inspired by “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” (with fruit episode).


Hopefully these sad goodbyes will bring some happy hellos – skinny jeans here I come!


Anonymous said...

You are already skinny and smoking hott! You don't need to go on a diet!

Cammila said...

It's always good to make healthy choices for yourself. That shows you feel you're worth it -- and confidence is always attractive! :)

Londyn said...

Ah, thank you both!

@ Anon - I don't think I've ever a day in my life thought of myself as either skinny or hot, so THANK YOU :) What a fabulous compliment. Blush

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