Sunday, December 30, 2012



I recently started working on my bucket list and one of the items on my list is to sail.  Since I have sailing on the mind, I decided to go for a nautical look today.

During this holiday time-off, I’ve been catching up with the Rancic’s and also fell in love with their nautical style nursery.  So cute!  Their designer Lonni Paul is amazing and it got me thinking about how I’ll decorate our nursery (once we are in need of one that is!).


Another lovely nautical nursery designed by Jennifer Reynolds of Jennifer Reynolds Interiors.


In addition to the nautical theme, I love a blue and orange accented nursery.  It’s fun, whimsical and can work for either a boy or girl.


Lovejoy Designs


Lindsey Brier



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Elegance Personified said...

So cute & elegant Londyn. You cannot go wrong with a stripped cardigan and Good Luck with all your projects in 2013. I cannot wait to see what you wore for NY Eve by the way. =)

Here is Wishing you a Safe, Happy & Healthy New Year 2013 and Stay Stylish this year too!! Here is a little surprise for you.

<3 Ada.