Thursday, December 13, 2012

Art of Entertaining


DSCN3110 DSCN3114

This past weekend I embraced the art of entertaining with a handful of my girlfriends and made several batches of mouth watering cookies!


I find the trick of entertaining with ease depends on a few things: 1) preparation, 2) wonderful friends, and 3) an easy going attitude.

For preparation, I made sure to have snacks on hand: wine and margarita mix (of course), crackers, cheese, Italian sliced meats, fruit, and pasta salad balanced out all the sweets we’d be making.  I made sure all my serving dishes were washed and my house was clean a day prior. Lastly, I had an amazing friend offer to come early and help which I gladly accepted the offer!

Wonderful friends,I am just lucky to have met and smart enough to invite in my life. Love my amazing women!

Finally, easy going attitude.  This does not come naturally to me, but a little Christmas music, a little wine, and a lot of laughter helps quite a bit.


Teodora said...

Gorgeous dress - you gave me an idea how to bring my dress in the colder weather.

Great tips for on entertaining. The cookies looks delicious,


Mica said...

Love the pink and blue outfit, and the cookies look so yummy! Great idea for a night in :)

Elegance Personified said...

Those cookies look amazing. It is funny, I am currently eating Gourmet Cookies and having Chamomille Tea flavored with honey. =)

You look beautiful too. Hot Pink & Cobalt always look great together.

Anonymous said...

You are smoking hot!

Londyn said...

Wow - thanks all! :)