Thursday, November 8, 2012

Red Recap

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It’s red week recap! Whether used just in accessories or taking over an entire outfit… whether worn at work or for weekend fun… red is a great go-to color option. Red for me feels sexy and powerful, and who doesn’t feel great in that?  Go ahead, wear some red today!

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Elegance Personified said...

GORGEOUS LOOKS, ALL OF THEM. Red is my ultimate favorite color and I plan on wearing it a lot this month since it is My Country's Color and November is Albania's Birthday Month. Red is powerful, strong, bold, sexy, beautiful, feminine, modern. I could go on and on. I am actually wearing red today (with black).

My favorites are: the full red outfit w/ the wide-legged trousers, the mini red dress w/ plaid shirt & the blue dress w/ red accessories.

You look FAB Ms. Londyn. =))

Have a Fabulous Weekend Ahead, Ada. <3