Sunday, November 11, 2012

Calculated Risk

the brands… Blazer: Michael Kors. Scarf & Tee: Banana Republic. Pants: NY&Co. Shoes: Levity.

DSCN3023 DSCN3022

One of my favorite Fall accessories is a scarf, and this one in particular is one that I am particularly attached to.

DSCN3022 - Copy

While the scarf may be a classic choice, the bright blue pants were a risk for me.  Would they be too eye-catching for work?  Would I feel uncomfortable?  Well, they were a risk I’m glad I took because I ended up feeling great in them!  While I may have been surrounded in a sea of black trousers, my blue slacks navigated the waters just fine. 

I find a great tip when trying something outside of your comfort zone is to pair it with another clothing article that you are comfortable in.  For me, that was a staple black blazer and my favorite yellow scarf.


Teodora said...

I am glad you decided to wear them. Your advice makes sense.


chiara said...

Nice color!
I think that's sound advice: I'd also feel less self-conscious in something I am comfortable in.

Mica said...

I really like that scarf :)

Love your bright blue pants too, such a nice colour.