Sunday, October 21, 2012

The hunt turns to the catch!

the brands… jacket: worthington. dress: vintage thrifted.

DSCN2927 DSCN2926

In addition to the normal busy work routine, it’s been such a hectic few weeks of house hunting.  All the time paid off when we finally found our home this week!  Clothing always carries memories for me, and this outfit will forever be deemed my “found our house!” ensemble.  Classic with a modern twist, it matches the home theme perfectly.

I’m so excited to decorate and make it ours.  Nov 28th close date… the countdown begins!  More pictures sure to come.




Wow, love your dress!

Elegance Personified said...

Londyn Congratulations to you & your man on the new house. That is a gorgeous, big house and I cannot wait to see you decorating it. Also you look so fresh & elegant in this sheath & moto blazer.

I wondered where you were (have been coming to your blog a few times to see no new posts), but I figured you were busy house-shopping.

Mica said...

What a beautiful house! Congrats on finding your new home :)