Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Casual Chic


Final weekend outfit to catch up on. For me, this look is the epitome of a casual chic outfit – a cotton tee, blazer, skinny jean, leather boots, and statement handbag. Effortless, yet still put together.

For dinner, I felt like sides and since I couldn’t decide between healthy or happy food, I ended up making both. 


While many people dislike brussel sprouts, I adore them.  I julienned them for a change and sautéed them with a bit of olive oil, butter, and a ham bone I had left over from ham and bean soup.


As for my not-so-healthy treat, I made onion rings.  A trick I heard on a Diners, Drive Ins and Dives episode was to prep the onions for 2 days before making the rings to really make the batter stick.  It worked!

Day 1 – peel the onion and put in a container in the fridge.  Day 2 – chop the onion into rings and put back in container in the fridge.  Day 3 – make the onion rings!

I use a buttermilk wet mix and double dredge in a flour, baking powder and seasoning mix before frying on the stovetop.  Delish!


Kaolee said...

I love brussel sprouts too! So yummy and cute, like little cabbages :)

Mica said...

Love your bright yellow bag for a pop of colour with your outfit :)