Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Try & Try Again

Some days it takes a few tries to get the right look.  The first outfit was fine…, but a bit too dressy / office for weekend Day 2 of house hunting and just didn’t feel like me.  Second look, much more me.

DSCN2779 DSCN2785

Yep, still loving these boots (brand: Massimo Baldi, made in Italy).  Great for trolling around in other people’s yards!


I have a weakness for thrift and vintage belts, jewelry, purses and scarves.  This belt is thrifted – caramel leather with funky country style to it with silver animal and shell accents.  Earrings are not thrifted (brand: Vince Camuno)

DSCN2790 DSCN2793


Kaolee said...

Love those boots!

Kat said...

*I* have a weakness for denim jackets - loving this one!

Anonymous said...

is white not good after labor day?

Londyn said...

Absolutely white is good after labor day! That's a pretty old-school "fashion rule" that not many follow anymore. Example, winter white suits are very fashionable.

Plus - I don't like fashion rules to begin with, so I say "Wear what you want!".

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

the second look suits you better, I love those boots!!
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