Saturday, September 8, 2012



If you know Fabolous’ song “You Be Killin Em”, you would  know the lyrics…

“Just watching my cutie pie get beautified

Make me want better jewels, a newer ride

Louis Vuitton shoes, she got too much pride

Her feet are killing her, I call it shoe-icide”

DSCN2740 DSCN2742

… well, this weekend I felt like I was living the shoe-icide life with my new Chinese Laundry shoes.  I can’t really call them heels, because they have none.  Granted, 7 inch height with no heel support, I shouldn’t have expected them to be comfortable, but for some odd reason I believed the 2 reviews online that said they were.  Clearly, those people were either delusional or were under 5’ / under 100 lbs which might be the only possible scenario where these shoes could be “comfortably” worn.

Either way, the hubby and I had a lovely evening out and he was literally there to support me!  These shoes may have to be a work of art rather than one of my shoe staples.

DSCN2743 DSCN2748



Lorena said...

Oh the shoes are marvelous ... but its a shame that they are killers.... 7 inches and not painful ? its to good to be true.

Kaolee said...

You are a trooper to be wearing those! They are quite interesting.

Mica said...

Wow those shoes are real works of art! Shame they are not comfortable to wear as they definitely look great!

Elegance Personified said...

Ohhh those shoes are hot, shoe-cide or not. I would probably only stand them for an hour or so (not now when I am pregnant, though). You look so sassy and fine in this outfit. I love that dress and that clutch. Where are they from?

KayeStar said...

I have been curious on the true comfort of the heel-less heels. I have been seeing them a lot. Thank you for teh "real" review on their comfort! They do look fabolous thou!!