Monday, September 10, 2012


Today I have little words to share as I’ve used my quota for the day.  I think I may start issuing “days of silence” in my life.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just enjoy stillness once in a while?

DSCN2751 DSCN2757

Wearing sturdy boots for weekend house hunting!  A very small list of possibilities – the search continues.


In the meantime, I soothe my soul with cooking.  This weekend called for cozy beef stew and grilled asparagus.  Betty Crocker Stew recipe here.




~Jeimy~ said...

cute casual outfit love the boots the meals look so yummy and yes it's great to have some alone time I love me some "me time!

Lorena said...

Good luck with the house hunting !
You'll know it when you see it - and you will hear a CLICK - that will mean its your house.

Mica said...

Lovely casual outfit :) Good luck with house hunting!

Elegance Personified said...

YOUR OUTFIT IS CUTE AND POLISHED WITH A LITTLE EDGE. Love the Boots. It is definitely still hot, humid and muggy and in upper 80s here. Can't wait for boot season, though.

Your beef stew sounds great and now I am really in the mood for some beef stew to make this week. Want to share the recipe with me, please? I appreciate it.

Londyn said...


EP - I use the classic Betty Crocker recipe :)


Elegance Personified said...

Thanks for the reply. I will check it out. =)