Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Dresses

the brands… blue dress: maxandcleo, orange dress: love21, shoes: zigisoho, hat: mossimo.

DSCN2675 DSCN2677

While I may have grown up on the chilly lakes of Minnesota, I was born a Texas baby – and I think it shows because I am a such summer girl.  To keep my mind off future cold weather, I’m getting all the use out of my summer dresses as possible. 

I fell in love with this blue dress when I saw it in a little boutique in San Francisco while visiting there last year.  The price was $99 and the sales lady was fierce.  I told her I’d think about it, and before getting back to my car I had ordered the dress online for under $60.  It was waiting at my doorstep by the time I got back to OH.

This weekend I made use of 3 dresses and a skirt. One for brunch, one for Taste of Blue Ash food festival… it’s hard to keep track.  Yep, there’s another one..  No wonder I have so much laundry to do.

Taste of Blue Ash. Thanks Fox19!



Closet Fashionista said...

I love that orange dress, the print is so fun!
And yes, definitely need to make use of the end of summer weather with lots of shorts, dresses and skirts :D

Elegance Personified said...

Londyn, you know me - I am a dresses girl all the way. If you have looked at my outfits this summer I have worn a lot of dresses, as well as a lot of skirts.

I was just going to say that these are two new dresses on your wardrobe I hadn't seen before, but you told us. Love them both, especially the purple-blueish one. Great style and it could even work for a wedding. Love how you made the outfit sassier with the hat and statement necklace. The length of those dresses is the perfect length, for summer, too. =)

Stop by when you get a chance. Thanks. =)

Mica said...

Really like the orange print dress, so summery!

Lorena said...

You have such an array of beautiful dresses....
and those shown here are a great example.
I love dresses too but will usually not pay over 50 for them.