Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Running Free

the brands… top: forever XXI. skirt: ny&co. necklace: thrifted.


While I may now be married, babies are not yet on near timeline.  That said, whenever we finally move from condo to house, I would love to get a puppy.  Step 1 towards babyville… 

As a part of my lately rule-breaking mood… if I do get a puppy, I’ll have to take her to this park and let her run unleashed!

DSCN2449 DSCN2461 DSCN2449 - Copy



Sarah R said...

Oh my goodness, please tell me that no one has already bugged you about babies. My dad actually mentioned it in his wedding speech. I wanted to die. (I had a baby 11 months after my wedding, just to show him. Hahaha)

Londyn said...

Yes, they have already been asking about babies!! Started on the wedding night... LOL - ummm, no!

Teodora said...

Hello Mrs,

It will be hard running after the puppy in heels :)

I just posted a pic of Sasha, my friend's cute little puppy friend that I "babysit" for a few days.


Mica said...

Lovely pics - I like yellow on you!

You should definitely get a puppy - we adopted ours from a shelter here and he's brought so much happiness to our lives :)

Elegance Personified said...

These photos are gorgeous and what a nice fun outfit! Very Chic!! You are inspiring me to recreate it. I have a very similar geo-print Black & White Pencil Skirt and I can do Lemon Yellow on top. =) Gorgeous Shoes, too.

That park is beautiful and I agree if the dogs are nice, quiet, well-behaved and do not bite, no problem letting them run unleashed.