Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Paint the town pink

DSCN2532 DSCN2534

Sometimes there are random things in life that call my name.  It may be a type of car, food, person, or clothing item.  Today, it was florescent pink lace leggings. 

I found these leggings in the clearance bin at Target for $5, and figured whether I wore them or not – my loss would be small enough to make it worth the risk.  Well here they are and I love them!  They are definitely not a work or everyday appropriate clothing article, but are perfect for weekend fun!


DSCN2531 DSCN2541

Unfortunately, my hubby is SO not into the 80’s look and I think he may find these leggings appalling… LOL – oh well, he’ll have to learn to love them or I’ll have to learn to wear them when he’s not around!


Kasmira said...

I think they (and you) are adorable!

Kel Ward Photography said...

Those are bad ass.

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