Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend Pattern

the brands… dress: newport news.  shoes: miss sixty.


2 - Copy

I love weekend wear, because it can be whatever I want it to be!  I do admit a lot of the time my weekend wear turns out to be yoga pants and tank tops… but when I’m actually going some place where it may be useful not to look like I live in a gym – I do try to wear something of interest.  This weekend I seemed to get a lot of looks in my uber-printed dress and fun statement belt.  Either the looks were complimentary or full of shock… what is she wearing?!?  LOL  No matter to me.  It’s my weekend and I’ll wear what I want to.


Teodora said...

The dress is beautiful. I think green and olive purple are your colors.


Mica said...

love the print on your dress, it's stunning! :) I'm sure all of the looks were complimentary :)


sassyjeweler said...

This is such a great dress for work (business casual) or for running around on the weekends. You inspire me to wear more dresses!