Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Office Summer Attire



Dressing for summer in a professional workplace can often be difficult.  My place of work is business casual, so first thing I do is to break out my sandals – not the super strappy, super high heeled sandals, but the wedges, peep toes, etc… I also go with bare legs – some workplaces don’t allow this, which in that case I’d go with sheer or pattern hose. Finally, I’ll go with short sleeve professional tops and bright accessories.  I also love summer dresses with blazers!  Easy breezy.

For example, take these Gianni Bini pieces and mix the dresses with the blazers.  So cute and professional!


Jeannie said...

Love the pink bag!

Mica said...

Very cute - I like this, and I love the print on your skirt :)