Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lock me up

the brands… dress: calvin klein. purse: ivanka trump.


I’m in stripes already, so you may as well lock me up since I’ve been wearing out this purse over the last couple weeks.  I just adore it!  I also adore maxi dresses, and this one is such a soft velvety feeling cotton that I would wear it every day if I could.  I find it not as flattering in pictures, but in person it is quite fitted and shapely overall.


Mica said...

That dress is gorgeous on you! I love the stripes :)

Really like that purse too - keep using it I say! :P

Anonymous said...

it would even look great with some black patent heels. Or go over a swimsuit at the beach

Teodora said...

This dress looks very feminine on you. The miltidirectional stripes give this dress a twist.


Lorena said...

what a marvelous dress :)

A stylish distraction said...

This dress is gorgeous on you! You look great!