Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Well, I’ve prided myself in not getting sick for so long, and wouldn’t you know it – that pesky winter cold / flu / something.. bug has finally gotten to me.  Ugh! 

I dragged my butt into work for 3/4 of the day today and then headed home.  While I may not look sick in my picture (hopefully…) I find that on my not-feeling-so-great days I always wear pants, so that’s clue #1 and secondly I tend to wear black and often find myself in my big ruffle sweater.  I didn’t have the sweater on today, but likely will tomorrow.  Send me get well wishes and vitamin C!


Teodora said...

Yes, the weather is tricky with being so warm and now cold out of the blue. I hope you get better soon. Looking amazing as usual.


Melissa said...

And echinacea! That works wonders to ward off a cold or lessen the duration. I swear by it most of the time.

You do look lovely, not sick at all!

Mica said...

aww hope you feel better soon!


Kasmira said...

Get well! And we need to hang out. I miss you!

Sarah R said...

And I love your top! Any update on wedding stuff? (I've been married for 17 years...so I like to see what peeps are doing now.)

Elegance Personified said...

Even though you got the flu bug, you are still wearing a fun leopard top and a cute pink bracelet. ;-)