Thursday, February 2, 2012

Professor Professional


the brands… shirt: ann taylor.  skirt: moda int’l.  necklace: chicos.  shoes: guess.

The boss was in town this week and we had some major presentations to get through, so “professor professional” was the look of the day – staying neutral and buttoned up with a crisp white oxford. 

I actually considered being a teacher or professor before finding my career in HR.  I like having the ability to teach people something and make a difference.  Thankfully, I get to do that in my current job as well - so while I might not have ended up with the title, it’s definitely still in my job description!


Whitney said...

I super love this look! You look fantastic--and very teachery. :) I approve.

(And it's so funny--I went the opposite direction! I started out in HR and then switched to teaching!)

Lorena said...

Nice - you look accessible which is a must for a "professor" :)

Carla said...

nice outfit! love it, especially the skirt!

Elegance Personified said...

Love that skirt. I have one that is almost identical, so when spring or summer comes, I can replicate this simple but chic outfit. =) Love how NEUTRAL & ELEGANT it is!