Thursday, February 23, 2012



I think I’m obsessed with this skirt.  I love it and have been wearing it all the time.  The layers give it interest and structure and the deep charcoal gray is flattering and easy to pair with anything.

I also think I must have either grown again (can that happen in your twenties?? LOL) or I’m shrinking my clothes because some of my other favorite skirts (and pants!) are shorter than normal… not sure how that happened but it’s true.


Mica said...

Maybe you are wearing slightly taller heels and that is why everything seems a bit shorter? haha!

This outfit is great, love your top! :)

Londyn said...

I thought of that too!! LOL

Thanks :)

Elegance Personified said...

All the pieces here: scalloped skirt, zippered jacket and flouncy animal-print top are super cute, as are those pin-dot tights. I also like the wave your hair is creating.