Saturday, February 11, 2012

Humor or Humiliation?

the brands… cardigan: sarah leigh.  graphic top: express.  tulip skirt: inc. tights: dsw.  shoes: joan and david.

DSCN1382 DSCN1384

DSCN1387 DSCN1389

Still feeling pretty horrible with lingering cold/flu, but I did manage to drag myself into work every day this week.  You would think the powers that be would reward me for my pain, but no, I got a good dose of humbling and hilarity instead.

My new boss started this week and I decided it would be nice to take him out to lunch with a group of the leadership team. What luck do I have that as I'm walking out of the restaurant BOTH of the heels of my shoes get stuck in a crack of the flooring and I literally have to step out of my heels and pry them from the floorboards. Did I mention all the other attendees were men..?  Awkward.  LOL

Good thing I have a good sense of humor!


Megan Mae said...

Love your hair with that gorgeous emerald. Ohmy what a situation! At least you were able to laugh it off.

Mica said...

Oh no I can't believe your shoes got stuck! On the plus side you look very stylish so you didn't have to worry about everyone looking at you!

Hope the new boss had a giggle with you about the incident afterwards!

Sarah R said...

I guess as long as you didn't have holes in your stockings, or really stinky feet, it all worked out. LOL!

Teodora said...

That has happened to me as well and I did not feel like Cinderella.

But you look fabulous and I am glad you see the humor in it.


Elegance Personified said...

And then what did you do having shoes with no heels? Something similar happened to me this past New Year's Eve. One of my heels broke of less than half an hour as we had gotten into the club. Thank God my hubby took a taxi and got me some replacement shoes, at home. LOL

You look great today by the way. Love the shade of that cardi and everything else you are wearing with it. The blouse and tulip skirt are nice, too.

Londyn, I have many new posts for you to see so stop by, please. And THANK YOU.

Take Care, Ada. =)

Londyn said...

Thankfully the heels didn't break - they just got stuck!